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Rachel's Story


Rachel Turner Fletcher, the driving force behind Lion's Arrow, left an almost 20-year, well-established and satisfying Accounting career on disability retirement in 2010. Rachel suffered a traumatic spine fracture in 1995 and has since struggled with progressive pain and increasing limitations with Nonspecific Inflammatory Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Late in 2014 Rachel took matters into her own hands and began research to formulate an all natural pain relief solution that she and her husband, Scotty, could use. 

She wasn't trying to create a product to sell, but the first combination of ingredients she put together WORKED, almost on contact. The result was all natural Thorny Paw™ Penetrating Pain Relief Cream. 

A benefit of her extensive research was knowledge gained about other herbs that didn't necessarily treat pain, but have many other benefits for optimum health and well-being. Since Fibromyalgia patients usually struggle with immunity deficits, Rachel's next focus was on fortifying the immune system, and Cold Courage™ herbal blend for immune support was formulated as a result.

Other blends have been created, and more formulations are in research phases and will be added in the near future.

We hope you find relief here and an appreciation for all natural solutions for your health.

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